Babies and DHA

What are the Benefits of DHA for babies?

Cognitive Development is one of the primary benefits of DHA in babies. Research shows that after two years of birth, women who were treated to a high dose of DHA in their second trimester tested higher on IQ exams compared to pregnant women who were not given supplementary doses of DHA. A similar study was conducted in the University of Oslo in Norway where four year olds who were supplemented with DHA during gestation and breastfeeding attained higher IQ test results. There is clear evidence of cognitive reinforcement with a supplement of DHA in the formative diet and motor development has also been suggested to be affected by supplement levels of DHA.

167 women were part of a study in the University of British Columbia, Pediatrics Department to study the correlation between visual acuity in 60 day old infants and DHA levels in gestational mothers who took DHA on their second and third trimesters. The research yielded various results, attributed to the different levels of DHA provided to the test participants and how visual development was measured.

The Maastricht University in the Netherlands published their study of 782 mother and baby test participants who yielded promising results when it came to the improved DHA levels in the mother and the birth weight of each baby in terms of their overall mass and head circumference after birthing. There has also been research that suggests DHA consumption during pregnancy reduces the risk of pre-term birthing.

In the last phase of pregnancy and during the postpartum aspect, a baby will require DHA to help develop the brain and eyes and continues on in the first year as the baby’s brain size increases by 150%. The diet that a baby eats is critical to their development and research has shown that a high dose of DHA in breast meal or in synthetic formulas will gain significant benefit to the development of visual skill and IQ for the baby. In the US the amount of DHA present in baby formula is the lowest among global standards.


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