What are the Benefits of DHA?

DHA’s benefits may be primarily attributed to maintaining brain health.  Clinical researchers have proven that DHA has systemic benefits that encompass various metabolic influences. Everyone should ensure that their DHA levels are within normal range by consuming a stable diet of fish and organ meat.

A typical American diet is normally devoid of any DHA producing element and is attributed to the lifestyle that most people lead, typically lacking of healthy selections and nutritious food. The convenience of take out and prominence of junk food is what causes a general lack of DHA in an American diet. Low DHA levels may cause poor concentration, mood changes and memory problems- telling signs that the DHA in the body is not enough to sustain functional processes.

Pain Management is another important contribution that may be attributed to a heightened level of DHA in the body. Studies show that people who consume fish oil have lowered number of pain episodes as well as a diminished pain level for both rheumatoid and menstrual pain.



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